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PQube Announce NanoApostle
PQube Announce NanoApostle

PQube Announce NanoApostle

Written by Ross Locksley on 25 Jan 2024

PQube had announced a new boss-rush game for PC called NanoApostle. Taking on the role of a young nan0-enhanced clone named Anita, you'll be thrown up against a series of bosses requiring intense reaction-based combat in an effort to escape the hellish top-secret facility.

Check out the trailer below and Wishlist on Steam.

From the Press Release:


Anita is a 10-year-old girl, a clone birthed from experimental procedures who has been randomly selected from the institute's gene bank. For unknown reasons, Anita is the only human able to bond with the "Apostle" nanites successfully. Without any memory of how she ended up at the facility, Anita lives symbiotically with the apostle, and while bonded she named the Apostle "Xiao Hei".


The Apostle is a tactical nanomachine equipped with artificial intelligence. It is the 89th product of the "Nano Apostle Project" and plays a leading role in battle. On the surface, it is only equipped with a poor language function and shows little emotion, however, it is very protective of Anita. Protecting its host is an Apostle's top priority.



Deep within the bowels of a shadowy research facility, Anita, a girl birthed from experimental procedures, is implanted with the sentient nanomechanical entity known as ‘Apostle’. Working together with her nanite allies Anita must defeat a series of dangerous prototype bio-weapons in her mission to search for a way to break free from her nightmarish prison.

A previous experiment that Anita met while sleeping in the incubator, Wenny knows everything about the institute but their past has yet to be uncovered. While seemingly very fond of Anita, they are highly wary of the Apostles. Will you uncover Wenny's past as you search for a way out?

  • Battle Against Merciless Adversaries: Face axe-wielding mechs, fire-spewing behemoths, and psychokinetic terrors in vicious encounters culminating in the brutal execution of your foes.

  • Evolving Multi-Stage Battles: When threatened, the destructive bio-weapons feature a failsafe causing them to become more ferocious, often warping environments to enhance their onslaught.

  • More than a Weapon: The symbiotic relationship between Anita and Apostle grants her numerous abilities such as Dodge, Parry, a series of Slashing Attacks, and a deadly Projectile.

  • Master the Destruction Point System: Utilise Apostle’s nanites to identify structural weaknesses known as ‘Destruction Points’ and exploit your opponent’s vulnerabilities to land devastating blows. 

  • Experiment with Skills: Earn skill points through combat and challenge stages. Whether you favour a tactical or reckless approach, create unique skill combinations that resonate with your style.

  • Step Up to the Challenge: Earn skill points by completing various tasks in the Challenge System, from defeating hordes of minions to demonstrating dexterity in parkour challenges.

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