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3 new announcements from Bandai Namco - Dragon Ball, Sword Art Online and Gundam Breaker
3 new announcements from Bandai Namco - Dragon Ball, Sword Art Online and Gundam Breaker

3 new announcements from Bandai Namco - Dragon Ball, Sword Art Online and Gundam Breaker

Written by Ross Locksley on 21 Feb 2024

Bandai Namco made three new gaming announcements today for three major licensed properties; Gundam Breaker 4, Sword Art Online:Fractured Daydream and new DLC for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Goku's Next Journey

Gundam Breaker

A brand new entry in the Gundam Breaker series, the latest game in the hack and slash looter franchise which allows you to customize your Gunpla to take on waves of enemies and bosses. The game is being developed by Crafts & Meister Co Ltd and will be released later this year. 

Announcement Trailer:


Sword Art Online: Fractured Daydream

Described as the first large-scale multi-player adventure for the series, the game is now accepting applications for the closed beta in March.

From the Press Release:

In SWORD ART ONLINE Fractured Daydream, a new system is applied to the world of Alfheim Online, but a malfunction causes all worlds and timelines to collide, creating a unique setting and challenging environment for Kirito and other players. All lost in uncharted territory, enemies become allies, departed characters are back and unlikely alliances will be formed to survive the dangers in this unsettled world.

SWORD RT ONLINE Fractured Daydream offers an original story in an All-Star game, focused on a large-scale co-op experience. Players will enjoy playing their favourite characters from the first three seasons of the animated series and Sword Art Online movies, in a cross-play battle action game featuring thrilling boss raids and co-op quests.


Dragon Ball Z Kakaorot: Goku's Next Journey

The sixth DLC for the game is out now and brings the Z storyline to a close. Bringing Toriyama's iconic creation to gaming, explore the open-world of Dragon Ball, relive key moments from the franchise and find extra details about the story that you thought you knew! Find out more at the official website.

From the press release:

Taking place in the “10 years later” segment of the Z series, following a decisive battle against Majin Buu that challenged humanity’s fate, a new World Tournament will have players reunite with Goku and the Z fighters. This DLC also introduces them to Gohan and Videl’s daughter, Pan, as a playable character, and mysterious newcomer Uub, who piques Goku’s interest. Has his wish from ten years ago been granted?

After a decade’s worth of training, Goku’s skills have leveled up and players will be able to test them out against worthy opponents in the World Tournament arena!

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